Jorge Betito


“The best way to find yourself when you fall into a dark place is to put a higher purpose in life than yourself!" (Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Betito).  SSgt Jorge Betito served a little over seven years in the U.S. Air Force where he was employed as a 3A031 - Information Manager and 3D151 - Client Systems. He completed a 1-year remote tour in Osan AFB, South Korea (Republic Of Korea) where he participated in different real world and exercise missions, and was part of the team that centralized all Air Force network worldwide. In 2009, at the age of 27, Airman Betito started having back problems and was placed on light duty. For the next two years, Airman Betito was in and out of the doctors’ offices and emergency rooms enduring painful procedures in order to find relief; only to find he became addicted to pain medication and started abusing alcohol - with no pain relief in sight. As a last ditch effort, Airman Betito underwent a procedure to stop transmission of the pain signals to the brain and the relief would last for 6 months to a year. On October 2011 he was medically discharged from the Air Force due to chronic back problem.

Once discharged, due to his limitations, he decided to return to school. Utilizing his Post-911 GI Bill benefits, he attended Westwood College in Downtown Los Angeles.  A year into going back to school, he started to experience the same pain. This led him to look for help at the Department of Veterans Affairs and any other organization that helped Veterans. This became a whole new challenge! After getting misinformation, lost paperwork, lost account information, and countless other mishaps, he started taking actions into his own hands to try to address these problems. He attended different Veteran-related events, networked with other Veteran Nonprofit Organizations, and even made the local news when he spoke out in front of VA leadership. He had an opportunity to voice his concern while meeting with Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald, and became a member of Congressman Tony Cardenas (CA 29th dist.) Veterans’ Advisory Committee. October 2014, Mr. Betito completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and in December 2014, he underwent back surgery at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs hospital. Due to his relentless commitment to correcting a wrong and following his passion, the In Helping Others (IHO) organization was established. By giving back, we grow and learn more about ourselves than ever.

Arnel Sangalang

financial administrator/iho controller

Served in the U.S. Army as a Light Infantryman (11 Bravo) from August 2002 to December 2005. In 2004, Arnel was deployed to Iraq from South Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division, 1st battalion 506th Infantry Regiment, Alpha Company.

After completing his active duty contract, Arnel moved back to Southern California. He is currently working as an Executive Protection Agent and is also a volunteer with the non-profit organization, In Helping Others. In April 2014, Arnel helped Jorge Betito start IHO in order to help his fellow veterans.

Alfredo Corona

vp development/controller

Alfredo Corona (US Marine Corps Sgt) was born and raised in South Los Angeles and the only member of his family to join the military. Alfredo enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a Field Artillery Cannoneer (0811). While serving he held several positions: Artillery Section Chief, Martial Arts Instructor, Non-Commissioned Officer Trainer, and Aviation Operations Specialist.

His operational experience includes being with the 13th and the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. He completed military programs such as: Aviation Operations Specialist Course, Martial Arts Instructor Course, Cannon Crewman Course, Artillery Section Chiefs Course, Sergeants Course, and Corporals Course. He enjoyed the strong sense of achievement after working hard towards any given goal.

After being discharged, he worked at Employment Development Department as a Disabled Veterans Outreach Assistant, and currently works at Department of Veterans Affairs as a Program Support Specialist. Alfredo’s educational achievements include an Associate of Science in Sociology and he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  

Alfredo’s has always been passionate and dedicated in helping others.  He has volunteered at the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law Inc., and in the Department of Veterans Affairs.  He wants to share his experiences as a veteran, especially during the time of transitioning back to civilian life, and letting other veterans know that they are not alone in this process.  Alfredo will continue to his passion and dedication in helping other veterans through the In Helping Others (IHO) Non-Profit Organization.

Octavio Ortiz

IHo controller

Octavio Ortiz is an 8 year U.S. Navy veteran. He grew up in Burbank and joined the Navy as soon as he graduated from high school. He became a photojournalist because he wanted to do and see things that most military personnel didn’t. He really enjoyed taking photographs and getting paid to do it. This led him to see a future in video production and later transfer to a full time videographer. 

Octavio was stationed in Southern Japan where he worked at a broadcast station and was able to refine his skills in video production. While serving in Japan, Octavio volunteered to go to Afghanistan where he learned a lot about himself and made some great friends - including becoming a better broadcast journalist. One of the most significant moments in his military career was when he got to help during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He felt really good about helping people who really needed aid.

After 8 years, he retired from the service and returned home to California to be a part of the entertainment industry. He enrolled in school and pursued his degree in Television Production. His hard work and motivation paid off but it was friend of his that really helped him out - a fellow veteran - and a recommendation. It was then that he realized that as a veteran, he was part of a huge community. He currently works in post production on high profile shows and movies.

After leaving the Navy, Octavio encountered issues with the VA. It was these problems that caused him to see a need to help his fellow brothers and sisters. Being a product of the VA system and its obstacles, Octavio now enjoys helping his fellow veterans navigate the system and get the help they need. The IHO has afforded Octavio the opportunity to work and socialize with fellow veterans and assist them with their needs. He can tell that these veterans are dedicated to helping each other and he is proud to be a part of that.

Cesar Hernandez

IHO controller

Cesar Hernandez (US Marine Corps Sgt) has always been passionate about social justice; ever motivated to help others in need and driven by a strong ethical background. Cesar enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2001. Under the occupational specialty of Mortar man (0341), he held the position of Mortar Section Leader where he led three (3) Mortar Gun Squads. Cesar's leadership abilities were relevant through his three (3) combat deployments during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in the United States Marine Corps, Cesar excelled at building strong relationships with diverse individuals. After Cesar's career in the United States Marine Corps, he started work at Child and Family Guidance Center, a non-profit organization that addresses mental health issues among the youth population. Cesar has held the positions of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) Family Specialist and as Therapeutic Behavioral Services Specialist.
Cesar's educational achievements include a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice (California State University of Los Angeles). Cesar also completed Firing Range Coach's Course, and Mortar Gunners Course from the US Marine Corps Marksmanship Training Unit. Cesar's passion to help others, especially mentoring the youth has always been second nature to him. From a young age, Cesar would spend time helping other individuals to better themselves both academically, and in combination with sports activity. Cesar's love of sports led him to become a Volunteer High School Soccer Coach. It has been his firm belief that we as human beings have a responsibility to help one another. Cesar's core values easily translated during and after his career in the United States Marine Corps. Through the In Helping Others (IHO) Non-Profit Organization, Cesar hopes to support veterans especially during their overwhelming times in transitioning from military to civilian lifestyle.